Hoạt động xuất khẩu (EXP)

Hoạt động xuất khẩu

Hoạt động xuất khẩu (EXP) - HT Coco-Charcoal Briquettes

 Coconut Charcoal Briquettes

HT Vietnam Eco charcoal briquettes are made from coconut shell charcoal which is from a renewable source. 100% organic, 100% eco friendly,

The specifications of our briquettes are as below

Fixed Carbon (%):  > 55% up to 90%

Ash Content (%):  <15%

Moisture (%):  7%

Energy  5500 kcal/kg Min.

Burning time:  Min 3 hours

Burning efficiency:  no spark, no smoke, no ordor

Packing: 20 Kg carton box

Size: cylinder shape outter dia x inner dia x length = 43.5 x 10 x 50 (mm)

Weight: 50 g/ briquette,

Packing: 20 briquettes/ PE 1kg bag, 20 PE bags/carton

FCL 20’: 625 cartons ~ 12.5MT; FCL40’: 1300 cartons ~ 26MT

Uses :

  Barbeque fuel for grilling and brewing

  Charcoal as household fuel for heating purpose

  Charcoal as fuel for industry

  Charcoal in metal extraction

Who we are

HT Vietnam is an company based in Hanoi, Vietnam

Mission : To integrate modern technology with traditional techniques of sustainable living in the areas of Agriculture and Energy.

Goals and Objectives: To manufacture innovative products at competitive prices:

To Create Green Value: Creating green environment

People and Local Economy: Generate employment for the locals and be

a positive driving factor to the local economy and the social ecosystem.

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