Hoạt động xuất khẩu (EXP)

Hoạt động xuất khẩu

Hoạt động xuất khẩu (EXP) - Củi gỗ nén

HT Wood Briquette

Feature and specifications

briquette type: HT Briquette

size: 50x50x300 mm

hole diameter: 15 mm

moisture content: < 12%

ash content: 3%

calorific value: about 4500 Kcal/kg

density: 1.15 g/cm3

material: wood sawdust (acacia)

pack: 12 briquettes (approximately 10 kg)

packaging: thin carton/shrink film

pallet: 120 packages of 12 briquettes each (1200 kg)

container 20': 20 pallets ~ 24 MT 

Addressing the need of eco-friendly fuel HT Vietnam is proud to introduce HT Wood Briquette that should be an essential element of the fireplace. HT Briquettes, made of high-quality acacia sawdust, are enjoying a growing interest nowadays, especially among those people who value ecology and a healthy lifestyle. HT Briquettes burn slowly, which give off more heat, thus save money. The unique technology of producing this briquette enables aesthetic combustion, without absorbing moisture from the air, and prevents contamination of heating devices. Due to the fact that this briquette has valuable qualities, it can be used both in conventional furnaces for burning wood, as well as elegant fireplaces.

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